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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 1, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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today, obama care. after more than 40 attempts to repeal, defund, derail, all you want to do to the affordable care act, health exchanges are open for business. the question is america ready? as the government goes into overtime so does regular season baseball. game number 1-6-3. one-game playoff to get that a playoff. baseball not shut down this. is "way too early." good morning, everything. brian shactman. tuesday, october 1st. it happened for the first time in 17 years the government is shutting down and if that's not bad enough in two weeks the treasury department will run out of cash putting the nation on the brink of default. but, folks, let's just take one crisis at a time. last night maybe you watched c-span. they voted vote after vote after
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vote to fund the government but ultimately politics did not prevail. the office of management and budget has issued an alert to federal agencies to initiate shutdown protocol, sounds like a bad sci-fi movie but that's what is going to happen. yesterday the house passed a series of continuing resolutions to try and fund the government. the first delayed the start of obama care by one year which obviously did not make it through the senate. the final version delayed just the individual mandate by one year. now the republican-led house has approved a plan to go to conference committee which senator harry reid promised not to even take up saying they ask for months for a budget conference. >> we like to resolve issues but we will not go to conference with a gun to our head. they want to go to conference on the cr. madam president, that closes government. they want to close government. this is all a subterfuge.
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>> earlier in the day the president phoned top leaders mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi and harry reid as well as john boehner. the call with boehner lasted about ten minutes and ultimately not very productive. >> i didn't come here to shut down the government. how about we give a break to all the big businesses out there and yet still our constituents with a bill that they don't want and a bill they can't afford. that's what this fight is all about. i talked to the president earlier tonight. i'm not going to negotiate. i'm not going to negotiate. we're not going to do this. well, i would say to the president, this is not about me and it's not about republicans here in congress. it's about fairness for the american people. >> a lot of people don't know what this is when but that's just the consensus on the floor here. president obama said himself that he was unwilling to move. >> steve, when you say what can
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i offer, i shouldn't have to offer anything. they're not doing me a favor by paying for things that they have already approved for the government to do. that's part of their basic function of government. that's not doing me a favor. that's doing what the american people sent them here to do, carrying out their responsibilities. >> and top democrats say republicans simply cannot read the writing on the wall. >> and you have the votes. because the people elected democrats as the majority in the senate and the president of the united states. and they don't agree with you. and newt gingrich said when that was the case had you to compromise and what compromise are we talking about? we are taking your number. your number and you will not take yes for an answer. how sad. what a shameful day this is in the history of the house of
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representatives. >> joining us now from washington nbc political reporter kasie hunt. i guess first of all, kasie, you jackson to something senator mccain said last night. basically we can't win if things continue down the current path. have a listen. >> my reaction is that it's unnecessary and i am afraid that the american people as they have in the past will blame congress, i.e., republicans and what's particularly disappointing is that obama care is going to have a lot of problems in this rollout. the president's polling numbers are falling in every category and yet the story is to the american people that republicans are fighting republicans. that's not helpful. >> kasie, it seems so this is hurting republicans, but also it seems since obama care is not going to get repealed maybe the republicans, they're against this are just trying to hurt the president's legacy and efficacy. >> reporter: brian, i think the
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question at this point is how much political pain is it going to take to change these dynamics. senators like mccain, lime tom coburn have been warning house republicans that if they go down this road, it can only end badly for them. the reality is only a few dozen of them are even in office back when the government shut down in the early '90s when the republicans really felt that pain and for that group of house republicans that are so focused on shutting down the president's health care law, this is what they feel like they were elected to do. >> right. the conference committee appears to be dead on arrival. what will it take to end this? it will have to be a full republican cave? >> reporter: that's one possible option. for speaker john boehner trying to negotiate the dynamics of his own conference as he sorts this out, the question is, is there going to come a point where this group of republicans in his conference feel as though going forward is not tenable.
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whether that's, you know, the markets cratering, whether that's the polling just falling out from underneath them. you know, or potentially we could see a scenario none of us are discussing where the president and the democrats take more blame than we expect and end up with some sort of a compromise. >> in terms of some people say now that harry reid won't even bring up a conference committee option. what is your sense and you don't have to prognosticate but will this be a one-day, four-day or something last beyond the week. >> reporter: we've seen senator harry reid say, you know, he's going to reject this out of hand so the senate is coming back this morning around 9:30 to do just that and then the ball will be kicked right back to speaker john boehner and, you know, i've heard predictions from senate aides as long as a week. i know when we were there late last night everyone knew that it was going to at least be hours, we're obviously creeping forward as far as that's concerned, but so far there's no signs of
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cracking so until we start to see that, we're not going to know when this is going to end. >> kasie hunt, nbc news, thank you very much. all right, let's move on, in terms of the specifics of about feeling the ee necks of this, we're not going to feel at all out once. critical services will continue, federal workers, they have to report to work today for about four hours but only to do what they call shutdown preps, changing the voice mails, securing their work stations, hud, for instance, closes at 1:30 and employees get an e-mail telling them whether they're sense taff or furloughed and then they'll act accordingly and many fda safety inspections put on hold. national parks, they close immediately. campers have 48 hours to get out. the national zoo will also close and as it's been talked about, the panda cam already off line and talk about some of the goofier things affected and we all love our panda cam but it is
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funded by the government. on wall street markets were down across the board as the nation moved closer to the shutdown. dow falling 130 points, the s&p and nasdaq in negative territory, as well. however, some positive news. all three indices for the month of september were up. we will get a better look at how investors are feeling on day one of the shutdown in just a few hours. stock futures were actually positive, not sure how to read into that. now, as congress tries to work their way out of this mess, we want to know your opinion on this picture. what do you think is going on in washington. specifically what do you think harry reid is thinking about as he looks at this shutdown clock. tweet us your best and most creative caption, the hashtag, waytooshutdown. we'll have the best answers later. mr. schumer doesn't look very happy either. today also happens to be the day americans can start signing up for health insurance exchanges under the affordable care actor and opens after
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dozens of challenges and a supreme court ruling upholding the law. a new poll finds many americans have a negative impression of obama care. more than half polled are worried about it and 49% say they are confused and 24% say they are enthusiastic about the law. nbc news chief medical editor nancy snyderman asked kathleen sebelius about the lack of opt minimum for obama care. >> with all the run-up time to the eve of this, why the confusion today and why not more enthusiasm? >> well, i think it still isn't real for a lot of people and there is a lot of confusion. >> is that your fault? >> i think we bear part of the responsibility of not being able to get through a lot of the noise. >> what does success look like? >> well, i think success looks
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like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of march 2014. >> the nbc polls also find less than 50% of democrats are excited about obama care. that compares to just 5% of republicans and 18% of independents. benjamin netanyahu has been sending a warning. do not be fooled by iran's sweet talk. yesterday netanyahu sat down with president obama at the white house where both leaders appeared to be on the same page when it comes to tehran. >> as president of the united states i've said before and i will repeat, that we take no options off the table including military options. in terms of making sure that we do not have a nuclear weapon is iran. >> for israel, the ultimate test
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of a future agreement with iran is whether or not iran dismantles its military nuclear program. >> president obama also said he would enter talks with iran with, quote, clear eyes and demand verifiable concessions. two u.s. generals forced to retire following an attack that left two marines dead. major general charles brigregan was one. he bore final responsibility for what happened at camp bastion. he was nominated for third star but that has since been rescinded. major general greg sturdevant found he failed to provide security at the air camp. they used basic box cutters to break through the fence which was not secured by alarms and
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one guard tower wasn't occupied. eight other marines injured. six harrier jets worth 24 million bucks each were destroyed. we now know when pope john paul ii and pope john 23rd will become saints. pope francis announced the two pontiffs will be canonized on april 27th of 2014. it is considered an attempt to unify the church since each pope had his own set of supporters and critics. meanwhile, in chicago, an empty runaway train slammed into a commuter train injuring as many as four dozen people. earlier reports revealed no one was at the controls of the train as it just went straight down the track. officials believe the problem was mechanical. it is estimated that the train was going about 20 miles an hour when the collision happened. thankfully we can tell you no one was killed in the accident. this is a pretty intense case of road rage all starts when a motorcycle driver apparently cuts off an suv
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during this rally called the hollywood block party. motorcycle rally, the suv gets stopped by these motorcycles and basically they started to damage the suv. he cakes off, runs over another driver breaking the man's leg and eventually the motorcycles stopped him again and he was beaten up in front of his wife and young baby inside. it's just really disturbing. this is on the west side highway. a very well traveled road in new york and basically looked like ganging up on a range rover. this is right out of a movie almost. at one point the suv came to a red light and the bikers attacked him. one biker took his helmet off smashed it through the window and drag him outside and assault him in front of his wife and child. he was taken to the hospital, a couple black eyes and stitches and the interesting thing is there were at least 30 motorcycles and there have been no arrests made as of yet.
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still ahead on "way too early," let's go on to lighter topics. the mile dolphins in new orleans to take on the saints, drew brees is awesome monday night. see if he dominated again. we'll have highlights. "breaking bad" just got some very good news. we'll tell you exactly what that is. we'll check on the weather when we come right back. ♪ when you wish mon a star makes no difference who you are ♪ >> walt disney quietly bought 43 square miles of land to bill his dream. in 1965 he said it would cost more than $100 million. >> my big brother said we could do it. >> construction began in 1969. ♪ in your dreams need a spoon, dear?
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texas. winner gets a trip to the a.l. wild card playoff. loser goes home. longoria, man on first, home run. david price a gem. he does not pitch well against the it can rangers but did last night. a complete game, the rays pull off a 5-2 win on the road. they'll face the indians in the a.l. wild card game wednesday night at 8:07 p.m. eastern time. the winner of that gets the red sox also in the a.l. tigers face off against the oakland a's. in the n.l., the reds take on the pittsburgh pirates for that wild card spot, the winner will play in st. louis and the other matchup, the braves play the los angeles dodgers. monday night football, dolphins and saints undefeated going in and the saints undefeated going out. drew brees, darren sproles walks it into the end zone for the score. took an early lead and never looked back. drew brees, 413 yards, four touchdowns.
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guy, i've stood next to him. he is not six feet tall. he might be 5'10" tops. what he does is amazing. 38-17s the final. new orleans won their last nine monday night games. now to golf where it's never too late for tom daly to make his tee time. >> no! yeah. >> whoo. >> missed it. >> the guy's face behind the pizzeria, you know he's there having a pizza and beer and some were like, i bet you couldn't do this. let's go out and do it. and i'll give you 100 bucks. he says, sure. that's what happened. that's just classic. >> i followed him for -- a round of golf and got to walk behind him. he's the funniest guy in the world. at that time he was on his diet and popping m&ms. >> i saw him in hartford when i think he was still in his hard partying guys and every break
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sitting under a tree -- >> trying to hydrate. >> well, happy october. >> yes. >> it is beautiful. a great start to october. as good as it gets. a lot of us still haven't turned our heat on in the houses. maybe the ac in a few warm spots. don't need the jacket as far north as minneapolis. this afternoon, 77 in minneapolis, chicago at 84. we're going to be 80 and beautiful down in d.c. and 80 in new york so this is great weather. down in the tropics it is okay, still can get big storms in okay, remember, sandy was october last year, we have one little area trying to brew down here in the caribbean. doesn't look like this will have significant time to develop into a big storm but could bring added rainfall to the northern gulf ahead of the next cold front maybe sunday or monday so keep an eye on that but right now not too overly concerned. not many issues at all. miami, new orleans, maybe a storm or two. that's it. >> thank you, bill. coming up at the top of the hour, the government shutdown
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and obama care has begun and congress seems as rudderless as ever. what will it take to rid washington of this dysfunction? we'll solve all the problems starting at 6:00 a.m. in ten minutes. when we come back we'll have "around the cooler." jon stewart breaks things down for house republicans. you'll want to see that when we come back. ♪ all right, let's go
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who knows when the government shutdown will end but if you want to sound spartacus today tell your friends 36 senators and 91 members of the house currently serving in congress were in office during the last government shutdown between 1995 and 1996. some of the notables, at the last shutdown, house speaker john boehner, house mortgage leader nancy pelosi and senate majority leader harry reid. to "the cooler." get rid of this d.c. stuff for a minute. a few days removed from "breaking bad" and how many people tuned in. 10.3 million viewers watched "breaking bad" and their final episode. it debuted to 1.5 million in 2008. fans sent out nearly 1.25 million tweets during the finale. so pretty good numbers. not quite "soprano" numbers. daily show with jon stewart
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took a little time to explain how they will go down. >> this is not a game of chicken. this is when someone is driving to work and there's a car coming directly at them in their lane. that's not a game of chicken. that's a [ bleep ] causing a head-on collision. >> you get nothing! you lose. good day, sir. [ cheers and applause ] >> and hear the republicans will heed this advice because he's a small business advice. >> willy wonka. coming up on "morning joe," good morning, mika. >> the government is officially shut down for the first time in nearly two decades. speaker john boehner holds a late night press conference as both houses of congress fail to reach an agreement over obama care. we'll discuss what is next. we'll also sort out the
5:56 am
political winners and losers in this. we'll be joined by courthouse press secretary jay carney with the president's response and talk to two republicans who are against the shutdown strategy, senator jeff flake and congressman tom cole and get analysis from the david gregory, chris matthews, chuck todd, euge eugene, ezra and mark hall pin. brian. >> still ahead on "way too early," your best tweets to the countdown clock. "morning joe" just moments away. so i c an reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things?
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begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. . so we're tapping into the ridiculousness of the government shutdown. contest-style. take a look at the picture and now we have some of the best tweets. >> john said "and the powerball winning numbers are." >> i would like to see them presenting. >> richard said "still not connected, right. dang. all i want to do is watch "matlock." >> i like this one from tommy. is it the red or the blue that i cut to stop


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